Portable Laptop Table with Bookshelf, Cup Holder


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  • Dimensions: 87cm Height x 87 cm Width x 64cm Depth
  • Highlights: Space Efficient multi-purpose laptop or study table. Free standing, lightweight but durable, Easy to carry and use, Maintenance free, Best texture finish, Portable and compact. The extra shelf gives you pleasure to keep heavy books, Coffee mugs, Table lamp or sometime the extra monitor as per customer need.
  • Very easy to Fold and takes space with only 4Cm Thickness, Easy to assemble and fold, can be stored under cot or besides the bed
  • Application: laptop table, Study table, office table, bedside table, workstation, PC, computer table, Work from home table, Reading or writing table, breakfast or dining table, free standing table, folding table, designer’s or engineer’s table. The use can be many, The product can suits to Architecture, Engineer, Chef, Doctor, Lawyer, Students, Seniors any one.


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